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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Whoohoo - size 12 jeans!!!!

Scales are still out and I'm begging my husband to bring them back! Weigh in at 198????

Well, I sure feel like I'm losing something, inches if not weight. I went shopping later on last week and I fit into a size 12 jeans. That is just one pair, as I have another in my drawer that is just so close to fitting. They have to be a size 11. They are super straight legs wrangler 20X. It'll take a few months more of this diet style to get into those. I did eat a few things last week that I wasn't suppose to. I guess it was a down weekend for me. It's tough staying indoors, as there are too many things to get in trouble with food wise. My husband still eats the junk foods, so I have to keep them on hand for him. I didn't get the low carb choc bars, as they've been out of stock for a bit and I just don't want to go there. I was thinking about going back on induction to jump start my slowness in losing. I may start today. I haven't been eating much in the mornings, as I have no time. I feed everyone else (everything else) and run to work....

I am so elated about being able to fit into a size 12, it shows. I had my hair colored with highlights and I'm sporting some newer fashions now that I didn't used to go near. I also bought some jewelry to go with things for fall. It's like a new me!!!! I just hope I can keep on going as work has been such a drag lately. Nothing is going right in that area. Seems like I can't balance work, home, myself very well. If I pick myself up, my home or work drops and vice versa.......I guess you can't have it all!!!!

I hope you all are doing better today, even if the blahs have come around. I'm hoping I don't get too depressed about a long cold winter, cause it seems like that's where Ohio is heading!!!


At 3:23 PM, Blogger Victoria said...

I wouldn't worry about the scales. You know me, I am not a big fan of scales anyway. I refuse to step on them more than once every 2 weeks, so I don't even keep a pair at the house.

My size 22's I *just8 bought are getting lose already. By the time I bought them I was falling out of my original size 26's. I am just hoping I can stay in them until I can buy a size 18!

Size 12! That's just awesome!!!!


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