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Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's not been a great wise......

Yep, weighing in today at 202 :-)

Good morning, or is it? I was due to type in my weigh in on tuesday, but my computer at work had other ideas. Yep, the dreaded "blue screen of mega-death" - disk hard sector corruption. YIKES. Well, that's a long story, but also, I gained a lb over the weekend and it showed on tuesday!!!! I attended one of those dreaded (EEEKKKK) family reunions!!!! OH NO, not another one! Yep, the foods that the older generation think we eat were all there!!!! Cassaroles apon cassaroles, jello whipped desserts with fruit in them, and banana pudding with nilla wafers. UGH!!! Well, I stayed away from almost all the really bad sugary items, but I did have a bit of a wrap sandwich and some salad coleslaw hash thingy. I also had cheese and some salami/trail bologna and meatballs. Some of these items I tasted had sugar in them I bet. I think the salads all did and the meatballs had a tangy zippy sauce and there were carbs in the tortilla roll ups. But for the most part, I stayed small portions, just nibbled and got rid of my hunger pangs. The great thing is as of this morning, that pound is no where to be seen. I weighed in on my scale this morning at 202!!!! YEAH! I am also starting TOM so, you know what that's probably going to really drop of by next weigh in on tuesday!!!!

I just might reach my first big goal of getting under that big iron 200 bar!! Yep, you know the one. That's the one the big heavy nurse slams across the very top of that big scale you step on the moment you enter the DR zone!!!! YES SIR am I going to be glad when I go back to my dr and they can't do that to me anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hee Hee!

Well, I'm feeling extra special today even though the things around me seem to be falling on the way side (thanks computer)......I had to put away my super large size 18 pants and my 16's are getting big too. I was so proud to jump back into my pencil thin Rockies (western straight leg jeans with no back pockets). I had to show them off to my husband yesterday. What an accomplishment that was. I've saved these jeans from the goodwill pile and another pair of small size 14's Calvin Kleins for a rainy day and it just started to RAIN.

Till we blog again! Have a great weekend!


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