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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Feeling better - doing better......

Weigh in is 203 - 6lbs lost in 4 weeks on the 30/30 but a total of 27 since I started on Atkins 6/2/06

Good Morning! I finally made a tuesday weigh in :-)

Well, busy busy was the weekend. With the big Buckeye game on saturday, a ton of food and fun. I splurged a little (well, alot), but still came through with a turn around today! I was having lower back problems and I went to see a Chiropractor last thursday finally. I've been living with this for a while now. He has been doing a world of good and I actually didn't feel sore when standing most of the day up in Norwalk at a rabbit show. I did alot of heavy lifting and cage cleaning and moving all day before the big game. Then I cooked and cleaned to for a kick off party that evening. I didn't get much sleep and was up early on sunday to head to the rabbit show with a bunch of my juniors. I did stay for both shows, and posted a Best of Opposite in black otter juniors with one of my bred bucks. I was pretty proud, but there are more shows to come. This weekend it's Lima and next weekend it's Ostrander. I'm hoping to break through this year with my newest stock. I'm ready to compete!!!! I feel GOOOOODDD!!!!!

I did modify my diet these past two weeks. I cut out the snacking to a real minimal. I also added Atkins shakes for a choc fix and more veggies and less red meat. I've been eating chicken and fish and doing better!!!! Eggs of course as well. I can't believe that I didn't gain after cheating a bit, but I've been tighter on my diet lately too! Good luck to you all and I'd love reading all your blogs!!!


At 12:21 PM, Blogger Victoria said...

Good goin, Mo!!!!

I try to limit the snacking myself, and it does seem to make a difference!

At 3:33 AM, Blogger calories first said...

That's good to know. It'll require some thought though. And here is my site, you can check it.


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