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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where did Tuesday go?

Checking in on Wed - 206 - ACK!!! gained a lb........

Well darn it.....just when I was walking the dogs everyday and working on my rabbitry getting ready for a show this weekend. I had days where I was eating to the plan, and then there were a few where I was enjoying myself a little too much. Oh well. I didn't go overboard and that's a good thing. I also didn't fall off the wagon like I used too long ago. It's hard sometimes to keep your mind focused to this overall lifestyle when everyone else is going on as usual. I haven't been to too many places where I have to watch what I eat, I usually just over do it with my snacks when I'm home and bored!!! The weather tried to keep me indoors but I went out and worked in the barn anyhow. It just rained on my head most of the day on Saturday, but I didn't mind. I have to stay active to not think about food. I need to eat more chicken too, seems that when I don't go to the butcher store, I tend to eat more red meats. My husband isn't a chicken fan either. I love it. I did have two nights of vegetarian squash cassarole, and it was good too!!! (See post below)

Well, my goals this week is to lose that additional pound and a few more, so stay with me, I will do it. I also would like to join a gym, but I think I'll just come up with a plan at home. I have a treadmill down in the basement, and two dogs that need to walk. I also need to start doing some crunches and bends to work out the small of my back. I've been having some pains down there.....sore alot. Could be the bed I've been sleeping on....hmmmm.

Well, good luck to all of you and hello to the new joiners!!! Welcome aboard!


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

A sore lower back is a real pain (pun not intended) and unfortunately all too common. I "fixed" mine (as much as one can ever really fix a back) by seeing a chiropractor and staying active, but different things seem to work for different people.

To Love, Honor and Dismay


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