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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ho Ho - OH NO.......

Weighing in today at 198.0 :-( Yep, that's a weight gain again......

Could it be? Yep, it's the Grinch that put on a few lbs. Oh well, look at it this way, I have been going down for so long, would it last. Nope, and I can go back to working really hard next week. Yep! I had my son's birthday, office parties, Christmas, New Years, more birthday parties all in these two weeks going by, than all the rest of the year. I have cheated a few times, but I've mostly stayed away from the really bad cheats. No egg nog or candies. I have had some pretzels and popcorn, and a piece of my son's birthday cake. I haven't felt the pinch in the wasteline on my size 12's, but I'm not going to go there. I have eaten moderately as well. I have not over-stuffed myself, and I have actually not really eaten alot. The things I have eaten alot of are veggies, fish and meats. I am only eating when I am hungry too, no over-stuffing my face with snacks. A friend came over last week and took us out to dinner too. I stayed away from the alcohol and I only had a few tiny pieces of the pizza they ordered. I had the wings instead and a salad. So, back to work as I have to face the music (SCALES) this morning!!!! My husband asked me yesterday if I have fallen off the diet plan. I told him no, but I have cheated a bit. He's on me like a hawk. Of course, he likes what he see's and we are going on a cruise to Hawaii in February and wants me to look my best! Of course he does, he's my best friend! So, back on the plan and keeping on the lowcarb lookout. I won't beat myself up for the gain, just working harder not to let it get ahead of me!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!


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