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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat?

Checking in at 200 lbs. 2+ weight gain this week. ;-(

Well, I received my treats in the mail yesterday! I ordered the Chocoperfection bars and boy are they wonderful. I think I will be substituting these for my icecream this winter. I'm not much on icecream in the winter time, so these bars may actually help me get over the sweet tooth/chocolate cravings. I also am looking for a low carb hot-chocolate mix. If anyone out there knows of one, tell me please!!!! Well, this week was a gain week as I have had nothing but heartburn and acid stomach problems. Don't get me wrong, it's not from doing this diet. It's probably stress/work related as well as eating too many of the tortilla chips and cheese. I sometimes overdue them as they are my snack favorites. I have eased up on coffee and fried foods and also the chips. I did add more yogurt and I bought some of the Hood Calorie Countdown (used to be called Carb Countdown) choc milk. I drank a glass a day for a while until I got over this acid problem. I did gain two pound and I'm back up to 200 again. Oh well, back to the drawing board. We had a pig out day at work today for Halloween, but I picked at the fruit and the cheese/meat tray. I did have a small piece of tortilla wrapped with cream cheese and some meatballs, but I won't be eating much for dinner. I am taking it easy on my stomach. I have also started to walk/jog on my treadmill down in the basement at night. The weather has been too nasty to walk outside and it rains off and on now. Well, trick or treat everyone - Have a safe and Happy Halloween.


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