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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So much to do, so little time.....

Weigh in 196.0

Hello, I have been so busy here at work and at home, I haven't had any time to write! I've had a bunch of new software rollouts at work and numerous requests for projects and of course, I'm off in a few weeks. I've been super, super hard at work at home too. I did make that Impossible Pumpkin Pie recipe last night, and instead of the Splenda, I added a half cup of DaVinci's sugar free caramel syrup. The pie was good, but not a sweet as I would have liked. I did add some sugar free whipped cream to it, and it helped a bit. I'll have to modify it the next time to suit my sweetness. I just don't like using the crystalized Splenda. I wish I could find the liquid kind. It bakes better.

So, how did all of you do? The holidays are coming. I have stocked my shelves with goodies for the sugar/carb busters. I bought a mix of choc chip cookies from Big Train and also some mocha frapachino too from them. I also have my back up choc bars from Chocoperfection! Thanks Jimmy for all the great hints on the "I feel like I'm cheating" snacks!!!

I've been kind of low lately. My cat was hit by a motorist in front of my house and had to have her tail removed. I've been doctoring her up these last two weeks. Plus the weather is nothing short of dreary and damp. I also lost (what I thought) was a very healthy baby rabbit the other night. I found him out of his nestbox a bit stiff. It's tough to be a breeder of any kind, you have to suffer numerous defeats, Mother Nature can be so cruel. I've also not felt on top lately. I had to go to a viewing on sunday of my husbands cousin. He passed away at 55 from a long battle (four years) with a brain tumor. Wow, sure makes you appreciate all the rest of the days that you have.

Well, back to working. I'm going to try and lose more before I leave for Florida on the 30th. My parents won't recognize me when I get there. I didn't tell them I've lost all this weight, I wanted to surprise them.


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mo: so sorry to hear you've had some bad situations lately.

Your parents will have a nice surprise!

I'm making my pumpkin custard to take to my brother's house and I hope it tastes as good as the last time I made it. I used the Splenda packets even though I know I'm not really supposed to. But I don't have these treats very often.

Have a nice Thanksgiving!

At 7:37 PM, Blogger Wanda said...

Mo I am so sorry to hear you are having a hard time.

We had our Thanksgiving a few weeks ago in Canada but the stuff you all are making sounds really good! I am taking notes!LOL!

Have a great holiday, My American friends.



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