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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

About Me

Hi Everyone -

I'm a 43 yo woman who loves food. I live a great life, but overdo it when it comes to eating, both alone and with friends. I have been on the Atkins plan a couple of times and I know this does work and also helps get rid of the fog I live in when consuming carbs and sugars. I'm probably setting myself up for type II diabetes if I don't watch out, so here I am back on it again. Yep, started on my 43rd birthday which was June 2, 2006. I clocked in at 230 lbs on a 5 ft 7 large frame. I have lost over 20 pounds since that day and I have been on OWL for about 10 weeks now. I have hit a plateau. Last week I stayed at 211 for about four/five days, and I re-adjusted my diet again. I weighed in today and I've lost two pounds.


At 1:37 PM, Blogger Hike2Health said...

Hi Mo! This challenge will be great. You are smart to avoid type 2. I pretended nothing was wrong and ended up with the full blown thing. But eating low carb works beautifully. I'm hoping to avoid those darn plateaus by lowering my calories too. But I'm starting to daydream more about new clothes and less about french fries! See you around.


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