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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Does my dog have his paw on the scale or what???.........

Still 207!

Well, staying steady, and not loosing so I have to re-organize the diet this week. Of course its possibly water gain from having my Aunt Flo visit. Nothing like sabotage to a diet on a monthly this payback for tempting Adam with an apple??? Heh heh!!! What we women have to endure - blech! :-(

I do want to point out the most positive things that have been happening lately! For all you low-carb nay-sayers (Rick, you know who you are!)..... my hair is just as shiny as it can be, and my skin - it glows with health. I'm also more relaxed and attentive, my mind is not racing or wandering - I can actually CONCENTRATE!!! I'm not upset about not losing this week, I am happy that I'm not GAINING!!!! I have been enjoying the Breyer's Carbsmart icecream a little too much!! OH COME ON NOW, it's SUMMER!!!! I am an icecream fanatic....and Breyer's, well, I'm their biggest fan! They know it too. I emailed them and told them to keep the Carbsmart icecream a-comin!!!! I tried the butter pecan last weekend and my husband had to agree, it was very close to the real thing. Rich and buttery with all the pecans you could ask for. Honestly, it keeps me sane! I don't think I could ever, ever go on a low fat diet. I think those people have to check their hair, and'll definately not reap rewards from a low fat diet.

My friend Rick who is a chemist, believes that it's not healthy to not eat carbs. These people just don't listen to their own bodies, you should see this guys skin and hair and body. And they are trying to preach to me???? WOW, I'd like to hold a mirror to every person who tells me I'm wrong or not doing right by my health. ALSO - why is it that it is so easy to follow this diet and stay satisfied?'s because you are giving the body what it needs, what it craves???? I don't know Jimmy, but I've never felt better in all my life. I was just bending over this morning and playing with the dogs went it hit me. I don't have any pain in my hip joints and I can move free-er with all the extra flab around the middle. I can actually feel like I can keep up with my two energetic border collies. Try to run with those too!!!! Whew!

Well, thanks for all the positive comments group - Vic, CarbAttack, HiketoHealth and all the rest I haven't met yet. Sit back and enjoy the RIDE!


At 9:58 PM, Blogger Hike2Health said...

That's great you are feeling good and no pain. Can you believe how much damage all those carbs were doing to us?

I would tell your nay-sayer friends to read Protein Power Lifeplan and then discuss which points they disagree with. Have they heard of gluconeogenesis. Do they eat 3 cups of vegetables a day like we do?

I like the low carb Bryers butter pecan too. Before this challenge, I made a low carb ice cream at home and added my own crispy buttered pecans. Oh my! I will hold off making that again until next year some time. I hope someday I can learn to be satisfied with a small portion.

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Victoria said...

Isn't it funny how many other positive things are happening at the same time? I'm going through the same thing right now. Other parts of my life have just been magically "better" too! It's so encouraging!

I'm feeling so much better and having less fibro pain at the same time... or the pain I have, I feel better equipped to handle without it interfering with my day!


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